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Running a business or a non-profit can be difficult. Let us help you by tackling some of your business problems with software. From websites, to mobile apps, to internal tools: we can propose and create solutions that are best for you.

The K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) principle is our strongest core value. First we listen to your problem, create proposed solution plans, execute the plan, and move on from there. Simple process. Simple deliverable. Simple (and cheap) pricing.

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Posana is a non-profit organization that provides services for elderly caregivers. We were commisioned to create a website for them in which handled everything from purchasing a domain name to the programming of the website.

things we've made

Created a web platform for students to develop computer science and problem solving skills through programming. It is currently used by many schools in the North Texas area.

Codecember was a coding competition held for high school computer science students. Howlbits helped coordinate the event by retrieving problems as well as providing software for students to solve problems.


Graded was a mobile application that allowed students to check there grades easily on their phone. In the three years that it has been opperational it has gained 35,000 daily active users across multiple school districts in the North Texas area.

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